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Entry #2

My very own sprites

2017-11-18 14:37:12 by NichProductions

Yes, i decided to make my very own Madness Sprites. I hope they're good enough.



First of course, we have the good ol' Grunt.

Lets just thank this little guy for a moment, because if not for him, I would've had no template for the agent and the ATP engineer.



Now lets move on to the Agent. This one was not hard at all to be honest, since its basically a grunt with suit and glasses.



And now its time to address the big elephant in the room, the ATP Engineer

Holy shit this lil' guy here was more challenging than expected...



And that's basically it. Original idea of Madness Combat goes to Krinkels.

Link to Krinkels' page:


And the program that was used to draw those sprites and the sheets was Sumopaint.

Link to Sumopaint:


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2017-11-18 15:51:39

They look very cool